Saturday, March 19, 2011

UP Streetdance club presents "Reconnect"

            Last March 5, 2011, I was given the chance to watch a street dance concert by the UP Streetdance Club. I was really excited to watch the concert even weeks before. I was looking forward to that event hoping that there would be no conflicts. I’m a fan of street dance and I was so excited to watch the experts do it in a concert. It would really be a fun night to watch a continuous street dance show.
               The theme of the event was “Reconnect”. I wondered at first about what the theme means. My first guess was that it will be a homecoming concert where the alumni of the club will reunite and reconnect with the club and they will perform together with the present members. My next guess was that it will be the start of the campaign to reconnect with the society for the furtherance and spread of the art of street dancing. My other guess was that it would be a call for unity and youth empowerment in the face of all the national crises and issues. But I didn’t mind too much what the theme is all about. I just focused on the surprises the night will give.
            Though there was a delay for more than 30 minutes because of some problems in the accommodation of the audience, it didn’t wane the energy of the atmosphere and the excitement of the people. When the countdown began, the people started to get excited. Some sat straight on their seats anticipating for an explosive opening performance. Some howled, some smiled and shouted, while others joined with the countdown of time. And yes, when the countdown was over, people screamed. Even I myself wasn’t able to control myself from screaming. The opening performance was indeed explosive. I can’t take my eyes off the stage. The performers were really good. The music was great, the lighting was awesome. It was just the opening of performance and the atmosphere was filled with great energy and expectation for more performances. I just realized that there the club has many members. When everyone was dancing all together, I hoped that one day, I will be able to perform on the stage with them, though it may seem impossible with all my present circumstances.  
The succeeding performances were very entertaining and engaging. The dancers got very wild and uncontrolled in some portion of the show especially the part of the showdowns. They were “krumping” if I’m not mistaken. There were some romantic parts as well like the scene of a wedding. There were entertaining parts like the enactment of the famous games in this generation like the Plants vs. Zombies, Counter Strike, and Super Mario. I think the audience really enjoyed that part. They also performed once more what they performed during the Rock Dance Celebration. The competition team also performed in the concert. And they were really very good. The “the crew”, or the group of the best street dance club performers also performed. It’s good to know that until now, they still never lose the passion to dance. Because of the presence of the alumni, I think it became like a reunion concert.
            The concept and theme of the show was very creative. There was a story which revolved throughout the concert. It was about the guy who sought the value and meaning of his life. He experimented on many things and engaged in activities typical young people do. It was at the last part of the show when we were enlightened why the theme of the concert is entitled “reconnect”. It was about reconnecting with God. I appreciated the fact that although it may sound boring or overrated to other people, they still show to the people that it should be God who’ll be lifted and glorified above all. The last part of the show became similar to a praise and worship because the music played was already a Christian song. My initial guesses were wrong. I was a bit shocked and surprised that what the theme “reconnect” is actually telling is about reconnecting with our God.
            I really enjoyed the night and the 200 pesos I paid was worth it. Though there was some problem with the sounds system, I think the dancers nailed the concert. Everyone was entertained by the performances, presumptively. I would want to watch the concert again. So congratulations UP street dance club!

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