Sunday, March 20, 2011

Time Management

It’s hell week again. It’s the last few days of the semester when we will encounter series of exams and deadlines. Problem sets, machine problems, reports, projects, exams, and other academic pressures, name them all. That’s a brutal fact of a student life. When you are overwhelmed by the deadlines, and you dread if you will get through because of the limited time you have to meet all the requirements, the solution is good time management. This time around, there should be less time for movies, for facebook, for parties and hanging out with friends, and other common engaging youth activities and give more time on your academics. Plan your schedule well, balance everything, strategize, and avoid major diversions from the plan. It won’t last long. Everything will come to pass. The deadline itself has its own ‘terminus ad quem’ or terminal point. So let’s nail this! 

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