Saturday, March 19, 2011

1st UAAP Streetdance Competition

The 1st UAAP street dance competition, which was held last March 12, 2011 at the Big Dome, was a successful one. All street dance fans and enthusiasts were surely excited about the competition, and I’m one of them. This time, I was really hoping that UP Street would place first place because they failed to do it in the last two competitions. They were the first to perform and I can feel the pressure. The Iskolars ng Bayan were there to support the UP Street. When the competition was officially opened and UP Street was already called, all the UP students got up on their feet shouting and cheering for the UP Street which shows their excitement. Other schools, I guess were pressured. And indeed, the performance was explosive and intense. Their choreography was really creative and difficult. I can see the passion and the energy. I can see that they have a great chance to win the competition and I was so happy for that. Their performance was way better than the Rock Dance Celeb performance. I think those who competed in the UAAP competition was the best in the UP Street. The tight rival of UP Street I think is CADS. And when I saw their performance, it would really be a close fight between the two teams. Well, I told myself, “I’ll leave it to the judges this time.” But I was still hoping that it would still be in favour to the UP Street. The performances of the other schools were impressive but it was not pure street dance. It was a mix of modern jazz, cheer dancing, ballet, and gymnastics. Though the synchronization of steps was good and they really looked very well from afar, they were not purely doing street dance. When I saw the performance of DLSU, I can still say that the performance of UP Street and CADS was better.
The excitement arose when the winners were revealed. When CADS was proclaimed 2nd runner-up placer, there was a great relief. I thought UP Street’s going to bag the first place. However, it was DLSU who was declared the winner. I was a bit disheartened about the result. Even my friends were saddened about the result. The judges’ decision was final and no one can doubt their irrefutable expertise on the field so there’s no point of protesting.
There was an issue about the lightings during the competition. The lightings were dim when other schools performed but when DLSU performed, the lighting was brighter which made their performance more visible and livelier. I won’t speak more about the issue because I just heard it from friends which make it not factual at all.
Despite the result, I still firmly believe that UP Street gave the best and the fiercest performance. In my eyes and in the eyes of other people, UP Street should have won. It was just the first competition. I hope UP Street will be back stronger and better next year.  Go UP Street! 
Below is the complete list of the result:

UAAP Street Dance Competition Result:

1st Place: La Salle Dance Company - Street 
2nd Place: UP Streetdance Club
3rd Place: Company of Ateneo Dancers
4th Place: UE Street Warriors 
5th Place: UST Salingawi Dance Troupe
6th Place: FEU Cheering Squad
7th Place: Company of Adamson Street Dance
8th Place: NU Dance Crew

Here are pictures of UP Street while performing in the competition:

Fierce! That's UP Street! =)

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