Monday, January 10, 2011

Safe in God's Hands

The waves were big, the wind was so strong, we were situated in the open sea, the cars were making a screeching noise below, the emergency alarm was buzzing, people were terrified, the crew was restless... I thought the ship was going down. I thought it's gonna be the end. But the Lord is my Deliverer. We safely arrived in the seaport of Matnog after roughly 2 hours of duel with the raging sea. Thank you Lord. =') [what a scary experience]

We were found in a helpless situation and we have no other option but to trust God. And He did not fail us.
Indeed, God is in complete control. I saw God's hands enveloping us from the hazardous situation. We were not abandoned. We weren't left behind. God led us through. =') 

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