Tuesday, August 17, 2010

This guy should do someting...

We have heard so much from President Noy. Much has been said. What the masses want this time is for him to take the steps to fulfill those promises. We have heard his inaugural address and it amazed the listeners as to the different issues he tackled especially those sharp words like a sword penetrating to and trying to seek justice to the issues his predecessor was involved in; the promises of bringing the nation out of the pit of hopelessness; and the numerous quotable quotes and inspiring statements. He stressed on the two different and opposite ways which is the straight and crooked path. He is claiming to lead the nation to the staight path or "matuwid na daan" and calls us to follow the trail.
And  it's now the time for him to prove that he is a man of action with regards to the Agrarian problems this nation is facing. This problem was unable to be fully resolved by the past presidents and the fight for the majority Filipino farmers continue to be unheard and unattended. This is complete injustice. This is a call for PNoy to do his job as the leader who claims to lead the straight path and respond to the masses whose voices seem ignored and we call for him to act with justice and fairness. Zooming in, we are speaking here of the Hacienda Luisita farmers who still live with great anticipation to be given the proper treatment and whose lives a clear picture of the current state of this nation which shows that only the privileged few get to assume the societal power while many are suffering from helpless poverty and subjected to injustices not only from the authorities but from the law itself. Being a member of the family who owns this vast hacienda, he should not be hands-off to this issue and leave it on other people's hands. Being at the highest post in the government and assuming to have the great influence over the events of this nation, we know he can do many big things toward the resolution and solution of this problem and he should do something. As the president, it isn't his job to protect the interests of his own family but it's his calling to represent the Filipino masses and fight with them who for so long was not given enough attention.

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