Saturday, August 21, 2010

Show up yourself now.

Up until now, Senator Lacson is nowhere to be found. Instead of working in the Senate as what he should be doing, he's out there hiding his face from the public after accused of being the master mind of the November 2000 Dacer and Corbito murder case. To make the search much easier for the NBI and the DOJ, they canceled his passport. It would prevent him from changing locations from one country to another and would apparently consider him an alien to wherever he is hiding. Why don't he just show up and face the accusations? If he believe he's innocent, he shouldn't be ashamed to face the public and defend himself. He is saying that those accusations are just politically motivated but the keen public couldn't just conclude the issue without going into legal proceedings and in order to do such, we need his presence. With a canceled passport, the chance of escape is so thin and the chance of finding him is close to one if he is really out of the country. Even if he's a senator, no one is above the law. He shouldn't wait for greater penalties before he'll come out from where he's hiding in case the government luckily finds him. Surrendering himself will make things easier, and I think that's the best recourse this time. And besides, I believe he knows he won't forever be hiding.

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