Monday, August 16, 2010

Miami Heat is in blaze

Few weeks ago, Lebron James finally made the decision to leave the Cavaliers to start a new chapter in his NBA career with the Miami Heat. This new season would be definitely great for Miami heat as they'll be playing the ball with the 3 NBA superstars Dwayne Wade, Chris Bosh and the new member of the team Lebron James. Those three guys, otherwise known as the "Big Three" are currently on fire with bold and confidence to grab a couple of NBA championships. Well, let's just see if they'll really live up to what they say, "We're the best big three over". Many people are expecting great things from them and they should reach those expectations. They still haven't proven anything as a team. Teams don't work individually but they go together as one. No doubt they have proven a lot of things in the court but more than their individual epertise is how they work as a team. But many things can still go wrong. Will they get along well in the court or will there be rivalries within the three while on play? Let's just observe what will happen as the new season will kick off this October. But nonetheless, it's too obvious they are on fire. But we don't know until when it would continue to blaze.

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