Thursday, August 12, 2010

I can do this.

How can we pacify hearts that are troubled? How do we strengthen the weak? Tell me how to calm the fearful? Two major exams are coming - Math 54 midterms and stat 121 long exam. They aren't easy and ordinary subjects, right? Both entails great mathematical skill. If you want to pass, you should at least have enough head-knowledge and the natural ability. And if you want to get a high score, you shouldn't be the typical student. With those two exams approaching so swiftly, I can't help but fear what might happen. The days left for studying aren't enough, I think. I should make the most out of the remaining days to review everything, store all needed information and input essential things. I need to focus on those two exams. I don't settle for mediocrity. True champions go to greater heights and do not just settle to the place where most of the people stay. They live different for when others are just treading, they are soaring. So study more, study more and more and more for that's the primary job of students. Focus on the exams for now and leave out all the rest for the mean time. Instead of worrying, think and plan as what Churchill said. Believe in yourself for what the mind can conceive, the body can achieve. Believe also in God and rest on His promises. Don't just believe, but act on it and do your part. We get what we deserve and we show it by how well we prepare for it. So if we want to win the battle, prepare and make sure your ready in full armor.

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