Saturday, August 14, 2010

"Filipino Veterans Equity Act" passed

Now is definitely a time for rejoicing to those Filipinos who fought with dignity during the WWII. The US Congress through the efforts of Senator Lelland Yee has approved the Senate Joint Resolution which will increase the funding to be given to the Filipinos who fought hard during the second world war. For a short bit of history, Filipino veterans were not given before the priveleges they deserve like pensions, health care and other payments as mandated by the 1946 Rescission Act. Some may have been lucky enough to pass the hassles of the rigorous screening to confirm their eligibility to receive those payments but many were not, unfortunately. They fought for their rights to be given the same treatment the US government give to other veterans but it seem as though the US government is inattentive to their pleas. “The Rescission Act of 1946 was a sad chapter in American history. It is our responsibility to end this injustice and start caring for these soldiers who fought so hard for our country’s freedom. It is heartbreaking that even the inadequate lump sum payment approved by Congress is not getting to those in need. These soldiers deserved full recognition; the least our federal government can do is expedite this small token of appreciation.”, Senator Yee said. We're lucky to have a person like Senator Yee who saw the struggle of the Filipino veterans and chose to fight with them. So a MILLION thanks to you and also to the US Congress for responding and supporting the advocacy. Also to President Obama  for showing his support by signing the US Supplemental Appropriation Act of 2010 which alloted 67-million-dollar budget for the Filipino veterans during the war.

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