Friday, July 23, 2010

Usual Morning

I just woke up. I was shocked when I looked at my cellphone and found out it was already 11 AM. I've had 10 hours of sleep compensating the previous sleepless nights because of my Math 54 exam, my demanding GE subjects (Aral Pil 12 and Pan Pil 12) giving us pile of readings [but I honestly enjoyed reading them later on, though], my Stat 121 problem set which gives me headache and won't give me repose and serenity not until I'll answer some of the items, and my usual addiction on the Internet [thankfully I have unlimited internet in my room, :D]. But anyway, I would like to greet myself GOOD MORNING. I'm energized, revitalized and restored brought to me by my good night's rest. I have a couple of things in mind which I want to do the whole day. Excluding the academic requirements I have to accomplish, I want to do things for myself also like watching movies which I wasn't able to do the previous days because of not finding any opportunity, like playing the piano if given the chance by the heavens, like walking leisurely on the malls feeding my eyes without really any apparent aim, like involving in sports or jogging around the acad oval, etc. I have so many things in mind, but my my body doesn't cooperate. That's why I'm imprisoned within the four walls of this room doing random things on this laptop and listening to my favorite songs, skimming over my notes, eating this oatmeal I still haven't consumed without enjoying the opportunities or those damn desires I couldn't experience. But somehow, even without the apparent realization of those things, I still feel I found this same day complete and with no regrets at all because within the short span of time, a big portion of my self grows. Maybe and most probably, this day will be of no difference with the previous Saturdays. Hopefully not, or well if that's the verdict of life, no problem. There are more Saturdays to come, and I hope I'll break this usual damn routine stucked in my mind which doesn't seem to release the best of me. :D

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