Friday, July 23, 2010


This is my second blog, the other one is in which I wasn't able to update because of laziness and busy schedule (what the heck of a reason). Busy schedule?? I don't think so it's gonna ba a valid excuse but allow me to because I can't think of other excuses other than laziness. Why wasn't I able to spare few minutes to post any random thought? It even didn't came into my mind not until a while ago when I read a blog of my friend. The excitement of blogging is reignited and I just can't help doing this despite the pile of papers I have to accomplish. I really don't care much about those papers at this point in as much as I care with this blog I'm doing. And yes, everthing you're gonna read in here are really random thoughts borne out of idiosyncrasy. Have you come to the point of being bored with facebook? Or drained by the academic hassles? Or got nothing to do but sit on the chair and being no longer productive? Or you want to sleep, but you cant? Or you thought you did everything you should and you can't think of anyting you could possibly do within the specific bound of time and space? Well, those things are gonna be the underlying reasons of me updating this blog borne out of indiosyncrasy.

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