Friday, July 23, 2010

Second Year-1st Sem Schedule

Below is my schedule for this sem [ time, days, subjects, respectively]:

8:30-10 TTh Pan Pil 12

10-11:30 TThWF Math 54

11:30-1 WF Aral Pil 12

1-2 PM TTh PE2 FlB

2:30-4 TTh Stat 121

2:30-4 WF Stat 124

My professors for those subject are the following:

Pan Pil12 - Maam Raniela Barbaza

Aral Pil12 - Sir Florentino Iniego

PE2FLB - Sir Ralph Andrew Ramos

Math54 - Sir Carl Joseph Jamosin

Stat121 - Maam Therese Ann Capistrano

Stat124 - Sir John Carlo Daquis

At first I thought this sem would be a very boring sum because my two GEs are in the Filipino context which ovbiously would use Filipino as the medium of communication and honestly, I hate subjects in Filipino. However, as weeks passed, I learned to love and appreciate those two subjects. And I think my performance was good during the previous meetings. So I learned another lesson out of it: put your heart in everything you do. You must not only do something because you have to or you are forced to but do everything out of love and you'll just realize in the end that it makes a difference.

I'm blessed to be part of Sir Ralph's class because with that, I became one of the pioneering students of floorball in the whole Philippines. Just for your information, floorball is another term for indoor hockey, a sport famous in the European countries. It wasn't really my intention to get this class. What I wanted at first was advanced swimming or sports climbing but unfortunate events didn't give me the chance to enlist in those class. Thus, I was forced to enlist in the floorball class because I'm desperate enough to get a PE class especially after all the efforts of enduring the hassles of enrollment here in UP. Nonetheless, I find this sport kind of interesting. It's also a matter of putting your heart and your best in everything you do.

My math professor is very cool and brilliant. He is one of my favorite professors. Our pace is very fast that we just finished our 2nd long exam while the other classes have not yet tackled half of the coverage for the exam. I don't how we were able to get that fast, how we were able to catch up with all the lessons and how our professor nailed down everyting in us. Nonetheless, I think my learning isn't affected and we still manage to keep up because we are "palaban", which defines a UP student.

My Stat subjects are getting difficult. I have to be more diligent this time. Indeed, this isn't really an easy subject. I usually have headaches because of these two subjects especially 121. However, as what Caesar said, "The die is cast". There's no turning back now. I only have to put a little more effort everyday because I know that no effort goes unrewarded.

God bless me in this semester. I've conquered the previous sems, and I know I will too this sem. It's not easy studying in UP. Getting in or passing the UPCAT is one thing, but getting out of the university [graduating] with flying colors is another thing. :D

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