Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Bold and Confident.. :D

Exams, papers, reports, problems sets, and other requirements are flooding my schedule for the whole month of August.

August 3- PanPil12 report
August 5 - deadline of Stat121 problem set
August 7 - presentation pf the problem set
August 9 - Stat124 exam
August10 - PanPil 12 report
August 14 - Stat 121 exam
August 16 - Math 54 midterms
August 17 - Stat124 problem set deadline

Have I missed something?!? Hmmm...

An individiual research and group research for Pan Pil 12 is due for that month. I still have many readings in AralPil12. [Those two elective subjects are so demanding.urghh] Our Math 54 3rd long exam is still to be scheduled and there's a great likelihood that it will be at the last week of August. That's excluding of the assignments and researches and quizzes. :(

I'm stressed even just by the thought of what's gonna happen taking note that my UP life isn't just revolving around the academics. I also have responsibilities on my extra-curr. activities specifically on the two organizations I've committed myself to and other exta works I have to do.

Albeit the busy toxic schedule I will have for this month, I know that I will be an 'overcomer' in the end. Everything will come to pass. One advice: take things slow - one step at a time. Moreover, I'm not dreading of what's gonna happen because I have a God that I can rely on. "I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me" -Phil 4:13. Amen to that! :D

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