Thursday, July 29, 2010

It Was For Me

I heard this song while taking a ride with Kuya Rico and his family from our church in Paranaque. I was left amazed and lost while listening to the truth the song brings. Every part of the story was refreshed on my mind and the feeling that day I first heard the story of Christ was felt once more. Indeed, greater love has no one than this Man who laid down His life for us sinners whom He loved unconditionally. He's not just an ordinary man because He's the King of all kings and the creator of all the universe and yet He chose to bear all the sins of the world and to suffer the punishment that we deserve. He chose to die on the cross for our sins. However, His death brought victory. From His death, we are given new life [abundant and free] and made us His own. Moreover, Christ didn't remain dead for after 3 days, He rose back to life. All the praises and honor be unto Him for He deserves everything.

Below is the lyrics of the song.

Why leave a heavenly mansion?
Why choose a sinful stall?
Why wander poor and homeless?
The King and Lord of all.
Why heal a lonely beggar?
Why cause the blind to see?
The light of all creation,
Shining there for me.

It was for me He cried,
For me He died,
For me He shed His blood up on a tree
It was for me He came, for me His shame
for me, oh praise His name, it was for me.

Why stay in Olive's garden?
Why spend a night in prayer?
Why suffer such betrayal?
In anguish kneeling there.
Why leave His mother crying?
Why set Barabbas free?
The spotless Lamb of Heaven
Giving there for me.

Why climb a dreadful mountain?
Why suffer agony?
Why give His blood a fountain spilled and broken flowing free?
When He walked the road to Calvary,
Gave His life so willingly.

The King who came from heaven
Do the cry there is no room
Now has laid his weary body
In a cold and narrow tomb
But the grave, it would no hold Him
That lost His victory
The risen Lord of glory
Is risen now for me, FOR ME!

The song is also available in youtube. Just go to either of the links: or


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