Thursday, July 29, 2010

Fate decides.

I still couldn't believe I found the courage to join Mr. and Ms. Stat. It wasn't my intention, honestly, to join one and it didn't even come into my mind of me competing in such an event. However, we can't fight destiny. Sometimes, no matter how we want to get our own way, we can't escape the decision of fate. And I think it was fate who decided, and yes, I can't help but accept my own fate. Even when we were still selecting who will represent the whole batch, there were some of them raising my name. No way, what the heck! I was making excuses the whole time, I can't join that thing, no way. There are more deserving gentlemen out there, so why choose me?! I don't have the confidence that time, my self-esteem was very low and I was dreading what will happen like if others might be laughing at me or they might just be disappointed if I will lose in the battlefield.

What motivated me to finally accept my batchmates' proposal?
Well, funny as it may seem, it was because first of the freebies I'll get to receive or enjoy. It wouldn't be a problem if where I'll look for a hundred peso, the entrance of the event [acquiantance party]. If I didn't dare to compete for mr. stat, I won't get the chance to enjoy the party with my whole statistics family. Cyd also told me that everyone will receive something, win or lose. I smiled at what he said. Moreover, it was after all the fragrant explanations have been said, "Stephen, kaya mo iyan, full force kami sa pagsuporta sa'yo", "Kaya mo iyan, ikaw pa!, "You have the talent, pwede kang kumanta, magpiano at sumayaw", "Alam mo, ang baba ng self-esteem mo. Magaling ka naman ah!" and after all the "blah-blahs" that I have grown tired of listening that finally I decided to say, "O sige na nga".

And so there it was, I finally took their offer. I just tell myself to enjoy every part of the show and be confident of myself. I really didn't care much winning that event as long as I'll receive something out of the effort and as long as I did my best because I know my competitors are also good.

I'm so proud of myself that I made it. Everything was different after that point. That particular decision has left a great impact in my life. I got out of my nut shell and showed to everyone that I also have what it takes.

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