Thursday, July 29, 2010

Fate decides.

I still couldn't believe I found the courage to join Mr. and Ms. Stat. It wasn't my intention, honestly, to join one and it didn't even come into my mind of me competing in such an event. However, we can't fight destiny. Sometimes, no matter how we want to get our own way, we can't escape the decision of fate. And I think it was fate who decided, and yes, I can't help but accept my own fate. Even when we were still selecting who will represent the whole batch, there were some of them raising my name. No way, what the heck! I was making excuses the whole time, I can't join that thing, no way. There are more deserving gentlemen out there, so why choose me?! I don't have the confidence that time, my self-esteem was very low and I was dreading what will happen like if others might be laughing at me or they might just be disappointed if I will lose in the battlefield.

What motivated me to finally accept my batchmates' proposal?
Well, funny as it may seem, it was because first of the freebies I'll get to receive or enjoy. It wouldn't be a problem if where I'll look for a hundred peso, the entrance of the event [acquiantance party]. If I didn't dare to compete for mr. stat, I won't get the chance to enjoy the party with my whole statistics family. Cyd also told me that everyone will receive something, win or lose. I smiled at what he said. Moreover, it was after all the fragrant explanations have been said, "Stephen, kaya mo iyan, full force kami sa pagsuporta sa'yo", "Kaya mo iyan, ikaw pa!, "You have the talent, pwede kang kumanta, magpiano at sumayaw", "Alam mo, ang baba ng self-esteem mo. Magaling ka naman ah!" and after all the "blah-blahs" that I have grown tired of listening that finally I decided to say, "O sige na nga".

And so there it was, I finally took their offer. I just tell myself to enjoy every part of the show and be confident of myself. I really didn't care much winning that event as long as I'll receive something out of the effort and as long as I did my best because I know my competitors are also good.

I'm so proud of myself that I made it. Everything was different after that point. That particular decision has left a great impact in my life. I got out of my nut shell and showed to everyone that I also have what it takes.

It Was For Me

I heard this song while taking a ride with Kuya Rico and his family from our church in Paranaque. I was left amazed and lost while listening to the truth the song brings. Every part of the story was refreshed on my mind and the feeling that day I first heard the story of Christ was felt once more. Indeed, greater love has no one than this Man who laid down His life for us sinners whom He loved unconditionally. He's not just an ordinary man because He's the King of all kings and the creator of all the universe and yet He chose to bear all the sins of the world and to suffer the punishment that we deserve. He chose to die on the cross for our sins. However, His death brought victory. From His death, we are given new life [abundant and free] and made us His own. Moreover, Christ didn't remain dead for after 3 days, He rose back to life. All the praises and honor be unto Him for He deserves everything.

Below is the lyrics of the song.

Why leave a heavenly mansion?
Why choose a sinful stall?
Why wander poor and homeless?
The King and Lord of all.
Why heal a lonely beggar?
Why cause the blind to see?
The light of all creation,
Shining there for me.

It was for me He cried,
For me He died,
For me He shed His blood up on a tree
It was for me He came, for me His shame
for me, oh praise His name, it was for me.

Why stay in Olive's garden?
Why spend a night in prayer?
Why suffer such betrayal?
In anguish kneeling there.
Why leave His mother crying?
Why set Barabbas free?
The spotless Lamb of Heaven
Giving there for me.

Why climb a dreadful mountain?
Why suffer agony?
Why give His blood a fountain spilled and broken flowing free?
When He walked the road to Calvary,
Gave His life so willingly.

The King who came from heaven
Do the cry there is no room
Now has laid his weary body
In a cold and narrow tomb
But the grave, it would no hold Him
That lost His victory
The risen Lord of glory
Is risen now for me, FOR ME!

The song is also available in youtube. Just go to either of the links: or


Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Bold and Confident.. :D

Exams, papers, reports, problems sets, and other requirements are flooding my schedule for the whole month of August.

August 3- PanPil12 report
August 5 - deadline of Stat121 problem set
August 7 - presentation pf the problem set
August 9 - Stat124 exam
August10 - PanPil 12 report
August 14 - Stat 121 exam
August 16 - Math 54 midterms
August 17 - Stat124 problem set deadline

Have I missed something?!? Hmmm...

An individiual research and group research for Pan Pil 12 is due for that month. I still have many readings in AralPil12. [Those two elective subjects are so demanding.urghh] Our Math 54 3rd long exam is still to be scheduled and there's a great likelihood that it will be at the last week of August. That's excluding of the assignments and researches and quizzes. :(

I'm stressed even just by the thought of what's gonna happen taking note that my UP life isn't just revolving around the academics. I also have responsibilities on my extra-curr. activities specifically on the two organizations I've committed myself to and other exta works I have to do.

Albeit the busy toxic schedule I will have for this month, I know that I will be an 'overcomer' in the end. Everything will come to pass. One advice: take things slow - one step at a time. Moreover, I'm not dreading of what's gonna happen because I have a God that I can rely on. "I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me" -Phil 4:13. Amen to that! :D

Friday, July 23, 2010

Second Year-1st Sem Schedule

Below is my schedule for this sem [ time, days, subjects, respectively]:

8:30-10 TTh Pan Pil 12

10-11:30 TThWF Math 54

11:30-1 WF Aral Pil 12

1-2 PM TTh PE2 FlB

2:30-4 TTh Stat 121

2:30-4 WF Stat 124

My professors for those subject are the following:

Pan Pil12 - Maam Raniela Barbaza

Aral Pil12 - Sir Florentino Iniego

PE2FLB - Sir Ralph Andrew Ramos

Math54 - Sir Carl Joseph Jamosin

Stat121 - Maam Therese Ann Capistrano

Stat124 - Sir John Carlo Daquis

At first I thought this sem would be a very boring sum because my two GEs are in the Filipino context which ovbiously would use Filipino as the medium of communication and honestly, I hate subjects in Filipino. However, as weeks passed, I learned to love and appreciate those two subjects. And I think my performance was good during the previous meetings. So I learned another lesson out of it: put your heart in everything you do. You must not only do something because you have to or you are forced to but do everything out of love and you'll just realize in the end that it makes a difference.

I'm blessed to be part of Sir Ralph's class because with that, I became one of the pioneering students of floorball in the whole Philippines. Just for your information, floorball is another term for indoor hockey, a sport famous in the European countries. It wasn't really my intention to get this class. What I wanted at first was advanced swimming or sports climbing but unfortunate events didn't give me the chance to enlist in those class. Thus, I was forced to enlist in the floorball class because I'm desperate enough to get a PE class especially after all the efforts of enduring the hassles of enrollment here in UP. Nonetheless, I find this sport kind of interesting. It's also a matter of putting your heart and your best in everything you do.

My math professor is very cool and brilliant. He is one of my favorite professors. Our pace is very fast that we just finished our 2nd long exam while the other classes have not yet tackled half of the coverage for the exam. I don't how we were able to get that fast, how we were able to catch up with all the lessons and how our professor nailed down everyting in us. Nonetheless, I think my learning isn't affected and we still manage to keep up because we are "palaban", which defines a UP student.

My Stat subjects are getting difficult. I have to be more diligent this time. Indeed, this isn't really an easy subject. I usually have headaches because of these two subjects especially 121. However, as what Caesar said, "The die is cast". There's no turning back now. I only have to put a little more effort everyday because I know that no effort goes unrewarded.

God bless me in this semester. I've conquered the previous sems, and I know I will too this sem. It's not easy studying in UP. Getting in or passing the UPCAT is one thing, but getting out of the university [graduating] with flying colors is another thing. :D

Usual Morning

I just woke up. I was shocked when I looked at my cellphone and found out it was already 11 AM. I've had 10 hours of sleep compensating the previous sleepless nights because of my Math 54 exam, my demanding GE subjects (Aral Pil 12 and Pan Pil 12) giving us pile of readings [but I honestly enjoyed reading them later on, though], my Stat 121 problem set which gives me headache and won't give me repose and serenity not until I'll answer some of the items, and my usual addiction on the Internet [thankfully I have unlimited internet in my room, :D]. But anyway, I would like to greet myself GOOD MORNING. I'm energized, revitalized and restored brought to me by my good night's rest. I have a couple of things in mind which I want to do the whole day. Excluding the academic requirements I have to accomplish, I want to do things for myself also like watching movies which I wasn't able to do the previous days because of not finding any opportunity, like playing the piano if given the chance by the heavens, like walking leisurely on the malls feeding my eyes without really any apparent aim, like involving in sports or jogging around the acad oval, etc. I have so many things in mind, but my my body doesn't cooperate. That's why I'm imprisoned within the four walls of this room doing random things on this laptop and listening to my favorite songs, skimming over my notes, eating this oatmeal I still haven't consumed without enjoying the opportunities or those damn desires I couldn't experience. But somehow, even without the apparent realization of those things, I still feel I found this same day complete and with no regrets at all because within the short span of time, a big portion of my self grows. Maybe and most probably, this day will be of no difference with the previous Saturdays. Hopefully not, or well if that's the verdict of life, no problem. There are more Saturdays to come, and I hope I'll break this usual damn routine stucked in my mind which doesn't seem to release the best of me. :D


This is my second blog, the other one is in which I wasn't able to update because of laziness and busy schedule (what the heck of a reason). Busy schedule?? I don't think so it's gonna ba a valid excuse but allow me to because I can't think of other excuses other than laziness. Why wasn't I able to spare few minutes to post any random thought? It even didn't came into my mind not until a while ago when I read a blog of my friend. The excitement of blogging is reignited and I just can't help doing this despite the pile of papers I have to accomplish. I really don't care much about those papers at this point in as much as I care with this blog I'm doing. And yes, everthing you're gonna read in here are really random thoughts borne out of idiosyncrasy. Have you come to the point of being bored with facebook? Or drained by the academic hassles? Or got nothing to do but sit on the chair and being no longer productive? Or you want to sleep, but you cant? Or you thought you did everything you should and you can't think of anyting you could possibly do within the specific bound of time and space? Well, those things are gonna be the underlying reasons of me updating this blog borne out of indiosyncrasy.